Can investing in a designer handbag save you money?

We all lust after a dream handbag, whatever your chosen brand may be.  Does something hold you back on making that investment?  Do you really give thought to the cost per wear of an item, or is it more about that instant gratification of having something new in your closet?

We want to demonstrate why choosing something classic and quality can actually save you money!  Let’s look at two ends of the spectrum….a Chanel handbag vs a high street dress.  Of course both items have their place but, by making the initial investment you can save, and potentially make, money in the long term.

Considering the ‘cost per wear’ of an item is key!  We have a beautiful Chanel Mademoiselle Bag for sale at £1750.  If you used that bag, on average, 4 times a week then over 5 years it would only cost you £1.75 per wear.  PLUS it is very likely that you would be able to sell that bag without losing any of your initial investment if you take care of it.

So let's look at a high street dress.  Realistically would you wear that more than once or twice? With that in mind, if it cost £30, that item would cost you £15 per wear.  It’s mind blowing when you do the maths right? 

We are passionate about promoting sustainable fashion and believe that buying fewer, quality pieces and making your wardrobe work for you is key to helping support our environment and the world around us.

What do you think?