Atelier Icon Series - #3 The Christian Dior Lady Dior

Can we all take a collective sigh for an absolute beauty of a bag….

For #3 in our Icon Series we give you a bag that is one of the favourites of all time…the Lady Dior by Christian Dior.  A relative newcomer compared to other icons, this bag was launched in 1994 with no name but then renamed in homage to a real life princess, Lady Diana, in 1996. 

It is a bag that epitomises elegance, grace and style.  It’s a bag that has evolved over the three, nearly four, decades a since it was launched and it’s a bag that we absolutely adore.  So what makes it special…lets delve in…

The Lady Dior is classic in its design with clean, architectural lines dressed with metallic charms. As with many House icon designs, this bags pays homage to elements of Christian Dior.

The charms are reflective of the lucky charms Christian Dior always kept with him. Another house staple is the Cannage motif, so iconically Dior, which dates back to the Napoleon III seats the couturier set up for guests at his fashion shows.

One Lady Dior bag takes a minimum of 8 hours to complete!  With an exquisite network of stitched lines across the supple leather creating the illusion of shimmering diamonds, the arched handle exudes femininity and elegance.  The addition of the shoulder strap allows it to be worn on the shoulder or cross body.

Today's versions of the Lady Dior bag offer a playful charm to personalise the bag to your liking, along with wide shoulder straps for easier wearing. There are many sizes, accessory options, and materials ranging from leather to embroidery.

As for the size, the Lady Dior can satisfy even the most demanding of users. For those wanting a pretty small bag, Lady Dior Micro and Lady Dior Mini is perfect. If you need to carry a little more, the Lady Dior Medium is best. Want to bring the world with you? Lady Dior Large will not disappoint you! 

‘Real luxury requires the best materials and the best craftsmanship,’ Christian Dior declared.

And so, in the house’s ateliers, each Lady Dior is made by hand. Everything starts with the manual cutting out of the leathers. The pieces are then assembled, moulded around a wooden form and sewn together with precision. The charms, the four Dior letters, are also shaped by hand.

And in case you were in any doubt of the luxurious quality of the handbag, know that one hundred and forty distinct pieces are necessary to make a Lady Dior. Impressive.