Restoration and Rejuvenation - breathe life into a handbag

When purchasing a designer bag, have you ever considered an item that might need some TLC or do you stick to immaculate pieces?  With the preloved market seeing such huge growth, along with many superbrands having multiple price hikes per year, handbag restoration is on the rise.

We have so many beautiful bags come to us in all different conditions, and we love matching that bag to its new owner.  For brands like Chanel, which is very hot in the news right now, resale values are extremely high and, as such, we are finding that customers are thinking creatively to secure their dream bag.  This is where restoration comes in!

What are the benefits of sending a bag off for a little spa visit?!  We firmly believe that you can get a bargain as, with a little investment, you will have a bag that looks as good as new. 

To demonstrate this, we want to show you a case study using one of the bags we have for sale….

Chanel Wallet on Chain in Beige Lambskin with Gold Hardware

The WOC chain is one of Chanel’s most popular and versatile bags, being super chic and effortlessly stylish.  It holds the status of the classic flap but has a long chain that you can use crossbody, double up for on the shoulder or tuck in to use as a clutch!  A classic wallet on chain retails now at £2150, with this increasing tomorrow.  They hold their value extremely strongly on the resale market as well, and always sell quickly, making them a sound investment.

Our WOC is being marketed at £1400.  It has been worn and loved (I mean, it’s beautiful!) which has resulted in colour transfer onto the soft beige lambskin.  But, not to worry!  By thinking outside of the box and considering a small investment in restoration and bag dying, this bag would look as good as new and help retain its value in the long term. 

Picture this…..immaculate, black, glossy quilted leather, or perhaps you would prefer a bright pop of colour - either looking so beautiful against the gold hardware of the CC and chain.  This is what is achievable through good restoration.  It’s a sound investment and one we believe strongly in.

For more information about the WOC, our recommendations and prices for restoration on this piece please contact us at