What’s your favourite Louis Vuitton Canvas?

Do you remember purchasing your first Louis Vuitton bag? Or maybe you are waiting for the perfect one to come along.  It can sometimes be overwhelming when considering the different choices of canvas prints and leathers!

For those that don’t know, both prints can be identified by their appearances. Monogram canvas is identified as the LV logo print, and Damier Ebene canvas is recognised for its brown checkerboard print. Damier is the first Louis print that was created.

We are definitely feeling all the Damier Ebene vibes right now.  There is something so special about the rich brown canvas complimented by the gorgeous pop of cherry red lining.  Both designs are extremely durable and lightweight, and the biggest difference, outside of their appearance, is their leather.

Traditional Monogram canvas bags come with untreated natural cowhide leather which is known as vachetta leather. This leather, unlike others, is not treated with moisturising oils or sealants so it is more susceptible to water, stains, rapid ageing and drying.

Damier Ebene, on the other hand, is the more durable of the two. Its leather is dyed brown and a sealant and gloss is utilised to protect it from oils and the elements. Damier Ebene can easily be worn repeatedly without showing much wear at all, which makes it the top contender for many LV shoppers.

We have got some beautiful Damier Ebene classic bags in stock right now, including a Neverfull GM and Speedy 30.  The good thing is about buying preloved is, of course, you get your dream bag for less.

Love Atelier x