How to take care of your bags

Here’s some top tips on how to care for your new bag….you never know, you may want to find me a it home again in the future so some care and consideration now will help the bag retain it's value!

Basic TLC for inside and out

  • Avoid handling after you have applied moisturiser or if your hands are less than clean.
  • Once in a while empty the bag out, turn upside down and gently shake to remove dust etc.
  • Take care of the hardware, and avoid scratching hardware on rough surfaces, zips and jewellery.

Beauty comes from within

  • Keep the interior spick and span by using a liner or pouch to store anything that could mark it!
  • Don’t let items roll around as they can stain the material. Lipstick is nearly impossible to remove from fabric! 

Store me properly

  • Ideally, it should be stored upright, in the dust bag and away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the bag stuffed to avoid sagging and wrinkles!
  • Please don’t squash the bag

Oh no – there’s been an accident!
Life happens! But, do not fear, there are simple tips to get the bag looking bright and clean again and what you need to do will depend on the source of the stain. Here are some quick tips:

  • Food stains: Let crushed white chalk or talcum powder sit on the stain for several hours, ideally overnight. Then wipe it away with a clean cloth.
  • Water spots: Blot water stains, let them dry naturally, and bring your bag to a professional for removal.
  • Pen marks: These are tricky! It’s best to seek professional attention. 

Seek professional help
You’ve got to give a bag a spa day every now and then! For stains, rips and tears, broken zippers or pulls, don’t be afraid to seek a professional. They can work magic on handbags, whether you need serious repair or simple upkeep or restoration.