Initial consultation

If you are looking to sell an authentic designer item then our process couldn't be easier.  Here is an overview, and please see our FAQs for more information or do contact us for a no obligation chat.


  • We will arrange a one-to-one consultation either at the Atelier Studio or in your own home to view your pieces.  


We will then give you a suggested sales price and confirm your percentage of that sale. 


  • We receive your product and go through the authentication process.
  • If all good we get to work on marketing.
  • From arranging collection to photography, pricing, storage, styling, marketing and seller enquiries, we'll take care of everything.
  • We will use different marketing channels to style and showcase your product.  Often items are sold without even reaching the website – it’s fastest finger first! 
  • Please note that we need your item at our premises to be able to showcase it online and to customers who might want to view, or ask some additional questions.


  • We will securely ship your product to the customer using a method determined by the item value.
  • We ship internationally.
  • Remember that we have a clear no refund policy UNLESS THE PRODUCT IS PROVEN NOT TO BE AUTHENTIC.  See our terms and conditions.


  • You will receive your percentage of sale through to your chosen bank account.

*please note that we do a full authentication service once we have the items in hand and prior to listing.  Should your item prove to be counterfeit we reserve the right to charge you a £100 administration fee.  Equally, if the item is found to be inauthentic after sale the seller is obliged to offer a full refund.